Kick ass moments in life

Throw your hands in the air. God gave you feet so you can dance.

When I ask you to define the term “kick ass moments in life”, I will get hundreds of different definitions. I guess personal taste is the answer. To some of you, it may be sketching the final mark on your design. That kick ass moment when you kick the ball straight through the goal posts and score the winning try. Standing on your tippy toes to kiss your high school sweetheart in the pouring rain. Typing the last full stop that completes your 1000 word article due in an hour. That kick ass moment when your blog finally has 1 follower and you know that the words you’re typing affects one person in the world. Finally understanding the nearly impossible maths equation ( I’m still waiting for this kick ass moment ). But you want to know what’s my favorite kick ass moment? Rain. That kick ass moment when you’re standing somewhere in a field and the rain starts pouring down. You have nowhere to go so you give in to nature, throw your hands up & start dancing like nobody’s watching. You want a lesson from my blog post? Always and I mean, ALWAYS, dance like nobody’s watching. God gave you feet. Use them. . .


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