Where the road leads you


We take everything for granted. We never think of how precious something or someone might be to us. I’m guilty. I take lots of things for granted. My family who will always be my blood and soul. My kick ass friends that somehow always gets a smile on my face no matter how rough my day’s been. The privilege of being able to go to school while millions of kids are sitting somewhere under a tree with not even a blackboard. Always having a full tummy while parents are watching their kids starve right across Africa. Having a roof over my head while someone’s huddling under the small coverage of the ATM roof to escape nature’s elements. Having my phone with me 24/7 while relatives have no way of contacting each other. Being able to dance when a good tune starts playing while someone is sitting in a wheelchair watching on. But you know what’s my biggest mistake? Thinking that everyone’s gonna stick around forever. God has a different plan for each of us. Who knows where the road will take you…remember that every road will be bumpy, but never take the pit stops along the way for granted. They might not be around to watch the rest of your journey.


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