Tell me to be myself.

Our world is insane. That’s the easiest way to describe it. You tell me to be myself, then you judge me. Being myself means wearing boho clothes, giant rings and wooden necklaces. Being myself means saying what I need to say, saying what I feel. Being myself means running into the chaos while everyone runs out. Being myself means dancing in the middle of a crowd to the music in my head. Yet, wearing boho clothes means snickering girls. Wooden necklaces makes Fashion Police cringe. Being myself gets snide remarks. Saying what I feel starts a fight. Running to chaos makes people shout at you. Dancing to the music in your head results in some strange looks. You know the irony of it all? All those people giving the funny looks and snide remarks, are the people posting about being yourself. Some advice from my side? Screw society and follow your heart.



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