Every Rose Has It’s Thorns

People confuse the pain behind beauty with the beauty behind pain.

Sounds cruel?


Think back and I’m sure you can find something that hurt you. Now think about that hurt and look back on how far you’ve come since then. If you picked a rose and got pricked by a thorn while admiring it’s beauty, you’d throw it down. It’s instinct. So when you get hurt, it’s life’s way of saying, “Time to let it go.”.

And have you ever considered the pain behind beauty? That beautiful smile you see hides all the lies, secrets and tears ever experienced. Sometimes there’s so many leaves around the rose that you can’t see it. So when it pricks you it catches you by total surprise.

That perfect roses that the shops claims to be “thorn free” are NEVER true. No matter how big or small, there’s always that ever present thorn just waiting to catch you by surprise.

You know the beauty behind ALL of it? The most beautiful roses’s thorns catch you by surprise and the wilted ones just get ignored because no one expects anything from it.


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