The dictionary defines it as being unrestricted. Being without ANY limits.

Let me break it down for you.


LIES. In this life there’s gonna be a bucket load of people saying “you can’t”. That’s when you say, “why the hell not?”. People will tell you, “you will never be good enough”. You tell them to shove that up their ass cause they don’t know you the way God does. People will lie to you. Break you down because they don’t want you achieving what they never could. Don’t EVER listen to the lies you are being spoon fed.


INSECURITIES. They WILL stop you if you don’t throw them out the window. Now, I know that most of you probably hate looking in the mirror. Because that lies I just mentioned? Yeah, they went to your head. I know this first hand because I hated my mirror because I hated what I saw. Now? Now I can’t wait to look in the mirror, bed head and all, to tell myself how beautiful I am. Because even if others don’t tell you that you’re beautiful, tell yourself. Otherwise insecurities WILL hold you back from achieving your goal because you will never be able to believe in yourself.


MISCREANT. The dictionary defines it as an evildoer. I define it as someone trying to pull you down to their level. I think an appropriate example of such a person is society & the image it portraits to us. Society will always break you down. That causes the insecurities I just mentioned. You know what I say? Break away from society because honestly, you will NEVER please them. There will always be something wrong with you according to society,. So pick up your head & walk away because your tears aren’t worth their BS.

I. Another I. INFIDEL. Someone who doubts. When you strive towards something, when you try to achieve, someone out there WILL doubt you. Someone out there will tell you that you’ll never be able to do it. Why the hell not? Do you think that Noah built the ark without someone doubting him? No. EVERYONE doubted in him but God. That’s the only person you really need though. 

T. THIEF. In this world, people WILL try to steal your happiness because stupid as they are for trying, they KNOW that you can’t be limitless without happiness. And there WILL be people out there who will try to steal your light. Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Mohammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Mozart, Bill Gates, Elvis Presley. JESUS. DO you think they went through life with everyone patting them on the back & telling them how awesome they are? Do you think they went through life with no one EVER trying to break them down, steal their happiness, take their light?

L. LAZY. You want to achieve your life goal? I suggest you get your butt off that couch and start working for it. DO you think that Michael Jackson never practiced dancing? Do you think that Rihanna never practiced her voice? Nonsense. You work for it, you get it. Simple as that. You cannot go through life waiting for things to come to you. It doesn’t work that way. You have to get up, shake off the dust, and go get it.

E. ENOUGH. When you’re out there trying to achieve your goal & you fail at things & someone tells you, “That’s enough. Stop trying.” You better look them straight in the eye & tell them that nothing is over till you lay your head down & breath your final breath. If you really love something you will fight for it no matter how many times you fail & people tell you to stop trying. Do not let people stop you. You CAN do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

S. STUPID. Let me tell you something. You are NOT stupid. Your idea is not stupid. It might be extreme or unusual, but it sure as hell isn’t stupid. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft & ranked richest person in the world for YEARS. Thomas Edison, the most famous inventor of all time. Albert Einstein, dropped out of school at 15 & failed his university entrance exam. Walt Disney, Oscar-winning film producer that got his high school diploma at 58. Harry Houdini, world-renowned magician & escape artist. Princess Diana, a commoner who became a PRINCESS. None of these people were called CLEVER. NONE of these people completed school. Now, don’t get me wrong, education is great. All I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t let a teacher, parent, report card or fellow student EVER tell you that you’re stupid. You can do anything.

S. SCARY. Let’s face it. Life is scary. But do you think Mohammed Ali let fear stop him? No. He let his fear DRIVE him. Sure, I don’t think he stood in front of his contenders without fear. But he didn’t let that fear stop him. You’re scared of achieving your goal? That’s normal. Because us as humans, we don’t always like surprises and the thing about reaching for your dreams is that you don’t know how it’s gonna play out. THAT’S what we’re all afraid of. Not knowing. Life is scary. Face it. Embrace it. Let it drive you.


You. Are. Limitless.

No matter how old you are. You’re 40 and gave up on your dreams? Get off that office chair cause you’re still breathing. There’s still time. You love your dream? You fight for it. You are great. You are God’s creation. You we’re put here to make a difference. DO NOT go through life as just another number.

Because you are limitless.


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