I bought a beautiful necklace with a diamond wishbone charm on it. But the thing is, I didn’t buy it because I thought it was beautiful, no, I bought it because of the wishbone.

Sometimes wishes are the only things keeping your head above the water. Wishing for things you know is unrealistic.

Wishing for life to stop being so flipping unfair like throwing an amazing person from a different continent at you, or having too little money to transfer to the university of your dreams, or giving you stupid sicknesses that can’t be fixed with medication.

So, sometimes in life, you reach a point where you start grabbing at anything and everything to keep from drowning.

I ask questions. I wonder. And I guess that’s what makes me an artist. I wonder at the beauty of confusion and fear. I seem to always run towards the confusion as if it’s my heroin keeping me alive and killing me simultaneously. People always warn me about life because they know that I I am drawn to all things confusing. They tell me that the fire will burn me, yet I still reach out to touch it because I do not understand how something so beautiful can hurt me in the flickering of the night.

I do stupid things because I see the beauty in all. And that is probably why I’m grabbing at a diamond wishbone.

“Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive.”


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