Biggest Fear

I think that if I asked you to close your eyes & imagine the worst possible thing, you’d immediately have something lined up and ready to go. That’s probably your biggest fear. 

I go through stages of biggest fears. Right now, getting hurt again would have to take the cake. The past year has been horrific in that department and not a lot of people even know that. So, I don’t very easily let people in. I can be guarded and terrified and run away. But sometimes…sometimes I don’t do that. 

I always dive in head first without analyzing a situation. I am risky, insecure and odd. I enslaved to the ocean, the moon and the clouds. I believe that love exists and that sunflowers eat the sun. I am pineapple on a pizza. The problem is that many people have issues with pineapple on pizza. The thing is, when you find a weirdo, you shouldn’t let go. Weirdos will keep you on your toes and make every day interesting. 

Yes, I am challenging. Yes, I am insecure. Yes, I suck at most things. Yes, I’m a book nerd. Yes, I have anxiety. Yes, I believe in fairytales. And yes, I probably am a risk. But risks are fun.

So, my biggest fear is that I will get hurt. Because I am, in fact, pineapple on a pizza.


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