Afrikaans Sal Bly.

Isn’t it funny how white people are always seen as the racist ones. Let’s read this quote, shall we?

Let’s do away with Afrikaans. Let’s do away with Afrikaans cultures. Let’s do away with this white supremacy symbols. Let’s do away with all the colonial symbols in this institution. Because why post-apartheid, why are we still keeping them? Why should we be reminded that our parents were not allowed to come and attend an institution? – AMLA MONAGENG, EFF Leader Tuks

I ask this question to members of the EFF and any other person with a mother tongue other than English; What if we said that isiXhosa or Zulu or Ndebele or any other language were being banned from higher institutions? Think about the reaction you would have towards people wanting to erase your culture and your heritage. This is my plea, my cry for help to all students of colour.

We are a disgrace to Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Everything that he worked for to brighten our post-apartheid era has gone to waste because people are forgetting why our country has a beautiful heritage. Madiba shaped this country into an all-loving, rainbow nation. It is embarrassing to know that this is the picture the world now sees of South Africa. A country that is world renowned for its rich cultures and broad heritage, is now fighting to eliminate one of it’s most dominant cultures. It’s absolutely disgusting to see young educated adults act in such an ignorant matter.

I have tears in my eyes seeing so many Afrikaans students taking blows for the doing of generations before them. May I please remind everyone that current students were mostly born between 1993 and 1997. Meaning we are all born frees. We are not supposed to be fighting over apartheid issues. Yes, it happened. No, we cannot change what happened. Yes, it was absolutely tragic and my condolensces go to every person who lost family during that time. No, I can’t fix the past and make it less tragic no matter how much I want to. Yes, we can move forward and come out as a strong country with multiple races and cultures, the way Madiba intended.

You are not fighting because someone’s parents couldn’t attend university 20 years ago. You are fighting  because the tables turned. You are fighting because somehow you are not understanding the foundation that Madiba built the new South Africa on. Crutches are not accepted anymore. We are one people.

Afrikaans has nothing to do with “white supremacy” as the EFF student rep. stated. Afrikaans has to do with culture and tradition. You wouldn’t approve of your mother tongue being stripped away, why should we? I know this might be hard to believe, but we have the exact same rights as everybody else in this country. I am done apologising for the wrong doings of my forefathers. I am Afrikaans. I am white. I am female. And I am part of an all-loving rainbow nation.

You may now say that I am racist for sending out this cry for help. But I know, that my culture will NEVER die.

Ek sal Afrikaans praat tot die dag van my dood. Ek gaan nagte verby sokkie terwyl die reuk van braaivleis deur die lug sweef. Ek gaan my kinders leer om pannekoek en koeksisters te bak en my ouma se resepte sal vir generasies deur die familie trek. Ek sal my biltong kou en my Springbok trui dra, en met absolute TROTS die Afrikaanse  gedeelte in die volkslied sing, want ons vir jou Suid-Afrika!



2 thoughts on “Afrikaans Sal Bly.”

  1. This was already done to the blacks in America. We don’t know what tribes we are from, don’t know our mother tongue, and draw blanks in regards to our ancestors traditions and the such.

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